We’re Cloud Based, and SECURE.

If you are a BuildTools builder, you’ll come top depend on our service as a critical part of your workflow. We understand this, and take our commitment to you very seriously. So – here are some things we do to make sure BuildTools is always available to you and your team:

Our servers feature Self-Healing Hardware. Unlike our competitors, our whole infrastructure is cloud-based. Every server is self-healing: if any hardware fails, that server will fall out of the cloud and your site will come back online within seconds on new hardware. Automatically.

The other guy’s have a finite amount of resources. BuildTools’ Cloud Brain is able to dynamically assign Memory and CPU as your server needs. Think, Elastic.

Your data is safe. All of our Cloud Storage Units are powered by 48 drives in RAID10 and then replicated real time via Multipath I/O to give you a total of 96 drives of full redundancy. That’s a lot of geek talk, so here it is again in plain english – your data is safe. Additionally, we backup your data daily to 2 remote locations. Your data is safe.

BuildTools incorporates bank grade security and separate databases. Unlike our competitors, BuildTools has implemented 128 bit bank grade SSL encryption. When you use BuildTools, you are using a secure connection to our servers. Believe it or not, some of the bigger name products (you know the names) are not encrypted at all! Worst, your data resides within the same databases as other builders (your competitors). A bug in their code, and your data may be available to another builder… Not the case with BuildTools. All of your date resides in separate, fully encrypted databases. No chance that anyone but you and your team can access your data, period.