October Upgrade / Update – Bug fixes and new features!

We’ve spent the last 45 days addressing issues that have been brought up by our users, and other items that we felt were important to make BuildTools more useful.  Following is a list of some of the major items we’ve addressed with this update.

  • Additions to the image upload system – additional formats now allowed.  Fixed the image rotate feature.
  • Big changes in the mobile format – added slider bars to make use on iPhone, iPad, Android devices easier.  Added double click and slow-double click for right click menu functionality.
  • Added functionality to the notifications system.  Now more configurable – decide when notices are sent, and to whom.  Added the ability to send just once a day, as a compilation.
  • Added features and fixed bugs in long text field entry.
  • Added “all documents” view on the main dashboard – no more hunting for the right file.
  • Added an embedded document viewer for most common formats.  No need to install a PDF viewer, or MS word, Excel, etc…
  • Additional options for sorting throughout the system, specifically in tasks
  • Added features within scheduling – now add items above or below where you are working – no need to move up from the bottom of the schedule!
  • Bugs fixed throughout the system
  • Redesign of the e-mail format to display better on mobile devices.
  • Added options for publishing the schedule – now notify only those that need to see the updates, those doing work in the next 2 weeks, etc…
  • Added features to the automated reports.
  • Many other minor changes throughout the system.

And – in the next week, we’ll be moving to our new servers – more horsepower, faster response for our users!  Keep an eye out for this change – you’ll know when it’s happened!