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Financial Statements

Collect your money! Professionally and quickly.

Detailed financial reporting is now available at your fingertips! Select from a wide array of polished reports to share with your clients; a detailed analysis of their projects financial standing, when the next payment is due, and insights into payments on the horizon. Our financial statements also incorporate important change orders that need to be paid in any given payment cycle.

Draw Requests

Show off your polished business office by sending your clients a detailed draw request for each payment.

Financial reporting

Payment history, budget vs actuals, outstanding invoices, change order analysis, invoices from subcontractors, etc. You name it, our software can slice it!

Quick Editing

Get your profits in your pocket. Need to receive payment or financial adjustments on the fly? Edit your numbers quickly without sacrificing your professional quality in BuildTools.

"BuildTools has made it easy for me to pull together my draws and get them off to the client, resulting in us getting paid faster."

Bradley Johnson

Bear Creek Custom Homes

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