Daily Logs

Know what happened on the jobsite today

Keep tabs on what is happening on your job sites in real time and make better decisions for scheduling based on information learned from the past. BuildTools daily logs allows your field guys to keep on top of what happened today to make way for a better tomorrow.

Know who was on the job site

Track who is supposed to be and who was the job site and what they accomplished. BuildTools will give you a head start by preloading the resources based on your actual schedule.

Track deliveries

Easily track when certain items arrive on the job site and the time frame in which tthe delivery took place.

Keep the project team in the know.

Use daily logs to create daily notes about your project so items don’t fall through the cracks and so when you need assistance others can catch up on the projects progress.

Buildtools rescued my drowning grandmother from crocodiles in Florida one time.

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