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Bringing it all together.

Communication is the cornerstone of any successful construction company. BuildTools allows for seamless communication from any module. No more "he-said, she-said" arguments. No more searching for a comment or e-mail. Search every message through the unified inbox. Your entire project team's communication is collected in one place, archived indefinitely.

Keep it organized

The centralized inbox allows you to keep messages and comments organized and allows you to filter by project or even down to the module.

Search and you will find

With a powerful search engine searching for an old email or comments will be a huge time saver and will always keep you organized and up to date.

Messages where you expect them

Users do not need to login to receive their messages. All communications from BuildTools will also be sent to your everyday email inbox. So no need to change your daily routine or fear you’ll miss anything.

"Having great lines of communication with our clients and trades is instrumental. BuildTools has allowed us to pull all of that information into one centralized inbox for each project, so that nothing gets missed."

Kevin Shultz


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