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Change Orders

Stay on top of changes and keep more money in your pocket.

It only takes one mistake to see your profit margin evaporate. With BuildTools, you can easily create and approve change orders online. Create accountability. Eliminate painful closings. Change every aspect of a project with a single CO - multiple budget codes, selections, specifications.

Easily create Change Orders

From the field or from the office you can easily create a change order and have it ready for your client's approval.

Simple online approval from clients

Clients are easily able to approve change orders online with an electronic signature. Once approved, your budget will be updated and show the corresponding changes.

Selection overages? No problem.

Create change orders to adjust the budget, modify material selections, & change the specifications with a single change order. Create associated purchase orders so vendor costs don't slip through the cracks.

"Having my clients have the ability to login and approve CO's have helped keep the project moving and cut back on costly errors"

Jon Daly


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