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Bid Management

Painless bid solicitation and analysis.

The key to any bid management system is getting buy-in from subcontractors and making it easy for them to get you the numbers you need. BuildTools streamlines the bidding process and makes it easy for subcontractors to submit their bids. We’ve learned that if you don’t make it simple, it simply won’t work.

Cut time out of the bidding process

Easily create a bid package that include all the relevant specs, selections, and drawings with just a few clicks of a mouse.

Centralized management of project bids

Keep all your bids and communication organized & easily accessible in the bids inbox. Send addendums, revisions, clarifications and reminders in seconds.

Make fewer phone calls

Track the status of your bid packages in realtime. Cutting back on the need to chase trades and suppliers for bids.

"Using BuildTools has really helped us streamline our bidding process"

Kenton Hove


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