Don’t build from conversations….

How many times have you had this conversation with a client:

“But we talked about wanting to _____ .  I expected it was included.”  Or, “That’s the not the right color!  We told the designer we wanted to change it to ____ months ago!”  It’s a no win situation and it happens constantly in the home building and remodeling business.

Addressing this pitfall is easier said than done.  Document everything, get signatures, and demand written changes.  Don’t build from conversations, build form documentation.

The only way to demand this process is to be exactingly organized.  Write tight specifications.  Document any and all changes in writing.  Organize your selections in an accessible format and have your clients sign off before any related work is done.

BuildTools provides a framework that enables builders and remodelers to do just this.  Specifications tie to budget categories.  Written well, there is no question what’s included in each area of work.  Once selections are made by your client and/ or their interior designer, selections are tied to the same cost code.

Create accountability on every front within your company.  Fewer mistakes will occur.  Profitability will increase, guaranteed.