Construction Specifications Management

Selections & Specifications Management

This module was an inspiration for development – needing to manage selections in one place accessible to the client, designer & the construction team. Online client approval of selections, integration with change orders… View selections by room, or by category. Flexible enough for the needs of the truly custom builder.Selection Management

  • Project selections are managed online & available to the entire project team.
  • Eliminates paperwork & duplication through online management, including approval & rejection of selections.
  • Customizable reports:
    • Room-by-room report for designers & homeowners.
    • Category report tailored to the needs of subcontractors & suppliers.
  • Integration with change orders:
    • Lock selections once the client has signed off.
    • Require change orders for any selection changes.
    • Automatic changes to selections with approved change orders.
  • Automatic rejection of change orders once materials have been ordered or work has been done.
  • Simplify communication with interior designers & architects.