Construction Project Management Software

BuildTools is the industry’s most advanced, web based management system for home builders and remodelers.  Since 2009, BuildTools has consistently added features to our construction management platform.

  • Our Scheduling system is 2nd to none, allowing builders to schedule projects online, and push updates to subcontractors in real time.
  • Online change orders make tracking budget, selection and specification changes simple – no more difficult closings!
  • Selections are integrated into the budget and change orders.  Interior designers can enter client materials selections, color sheets, and give access to the entire team – client, staff, subcontractors.
  • Punch list management system allows your field staff to create detailed lists of service items and push them out to the responsible subcontractors.  Clients can confirm work is complete, clients can request work be done, subcontractors receive reminders as ofter as you like to make sure the work gets done!
  • A global dashboard allows your staff to see everything that’s under construction at a glance.
  • Unlimited online document storage allows easy access to project documents in the office, in the field from mobile devices, (iphone, ipad, laptops). Clients can get to their documents 24-7.
  • Much more….. Schedule a demo today to see all the features.