Change order management – Best Practices

Builders seem to be cut from the same cloth, they want to get things done, make progress, and see things happen.  Unfortunately, too often, in the interest of making progress on the jobsite, they forgo paperwork and execute based on a conversation and a handshake.

Seasoned builders have likely felt the pain of clients with convenient memories, and have learned the value of good paperwork the hard way.  Buildtools was founded by builders that understand this, and we’ve developed processes that are easy to implement.  We make writing change orders simple and quick, and we make the client approval just as simple.  It just takes one issue to destroy a job’s profitability – can you relate to this: “I know I we discussed it, but I had no idea it was going to cost so much!  Had I known, I would never have considered it!”

Executing change orders 100% of the time can make or break a builder.  Creating a change order in BuildTools takes seconds, and eliminates any excuse for not getting client approval for added work.

One of our builders has a saying:  “We don’t build from conversations!  As a team, client, architect, builder, interior designer – we all have the responsibility to document the work to be done.  If a change is to be made to the project, the only way it’ll happen is with a change order.”

Tell your clients “We don’t build from conversations!”  Use BuildTools to manage changes, and you will reduce (or eliminate) lost profit on your projects.