Integrate your website with Buildtools

You can now integrate your website with Buildtools using our API. In addition to her unique customer login that has become popular with our users, you can now collect client leads and automatically create prospects with in Buildtools.

BuildTools is optimized for google chrome!

BuildTools is optimized to work with the Google Chrome web browser. Use Chrome and you will see significant increases in speed. Download Chrome here:

Request for Information – RFI

Ever need to request further information on a plan, engineering, product, etc…? BuildTools makes the management of these requests simple, and creates accountability. Send a request to a group of contractors, keep everyone in the loop as new documents...
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Instant Messages

You can now send instant messages to any other user that is currently online. Just click the right menu, and then click “IM.” You’ll see the other users that are online, and can quickly send them messages.

Quick Lookup Menu

The addition of the quick loopup menu is just another way the folks at BuildTools are working to make your workflow quicker, and easier. Pull up information about a contractor without leaving the module you are working within. See...
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Training videos are going online!

We’re working to develop in depth training videos to make using our online tool even easier.  As we add features, we’ll publish videos showing our users how to use the features.  Check out one of the first – How...
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