As a professional home builder, you’re busy working with your team to build your clients the homes of their dreams. Implementing a construction project management software lets you keep all of you projects in one central hub, while helping you communicate quickly and efficiently with your own staff, sub-contractors, and clients to keep your project moving forward on schedule and on budget.

When comparing software platforms, it’s important to take the following back-end processes into consideration:

Streamlined Implementation Process

Ask questions like, “How long does it take to fully implement this software?” or “Are there people dedicated to helping me with implementation?”. Answering these questions will help you choose the software that is best for your business.

Reliable Customer Support

Look for a software with reliable, easy-to-access customer support. Ask questions like, “Will there be someone there to answer my questions?”, “How do I go about asking a question?”, and “Do you provide trainings when I add new hires to my team?”.

Understanding the implementation process and support model are important parts of choosing the right platform for your business. As with any change in process for your business, it’s essential that help is nearby if you need it.

As a software company built by builders, we understand that your hours are extremely valuable and you’re on a tight schedule. We designed BuildTools with your needs in mind. That’s why we offer exceptional software, a streamlined implementation process, and the reliable support you need to grow your business. Understanding the needs of today’s builder is what drove us to our implementation process and support model. Whether you choose to be completely hands-off in the implementation process or want to be involved every step of the way, our dedicated implementation team will ensure implementation goes as smoothly and quickly as possible so you can get up and running with BuildTools right away.

You’re focused on delivering high-quality homes for your clients. We’re dedicated to helping you reach that goal using best-in-class construction management software. Our support team is available for you every day to help you and your team maximize your use of BuildTools. Whether it’s a quick call or email or you’re ready to schedule a training call, we’re always ready to provide the necessary training to your team.

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More and more professional builders are moving away from traditional means of tracking jobsite information, instead making the switch to cloud technology to manage their projects.

But new tech can be daunting. Thousands of builders (like you) are trying to decide whether they should make the leap to construction apps and project management software.

This should help.

Here’s an overview on the various features of construction project management software that make it the best option for professional builders, and why it makes sense to make the switch now rather than later.

1. It Keeps Your Clients Happy

A well-designed construction app gives your client enough access to keep them happy and well-informed and prevent the need for frequent meetings. Your clients get their own login credentials to browse updated data (only the data that you’ve chosen to give them access to) and project photos at any time. You can keep on making progress while they check in on their own time.

2. It Centralizes Everything

No, really, everything. Schedules, QuickBooks, bids, client communication, contractor communication, team memos, etc. If you’re tracking this all in different information silos (email, excel, notebook, the back of a napkin, your brain) just think of how much of your mental energy each day is spent keeping it all straight, or exporting data and emailing it, or sharing links or access to files. Project management software removes chaos from the equation so you can access and add information quickly.

3. It Keeps You Off The Phone

The project management app wasn’t designed simply as an organizer; it’s a communication hub as well. With the vast amount of information flying around from managers to crew members to subcontractors to clients every single day, it’s far too common to watch half your day slip away on the phone. When your whole team is working with the same app, however, the communication process is automated so the right guys get the right notifications and updated task lists in real time.

4. It Holds Your Crew & Contractors Accountable

Task lists can be synchronized with the project schedule and developed into templates, creating a recipe for success for each project. Once a task is assigned, you can glance at your phone to check progress rather than waiting for a reply from your guys. You can even automate reminders to keep the task front-of-mind until it’s completed.

5. It Connects Quickbooks, Your Calendar, and Everything Else

Technology takes a lot of human error out of the equation by keeping your systems connected. When you input a change order, for instance, part of the process within the app is to note the necessary adjustments to budget and schedule, and to send notifications to everyone effected. Once you save the change order, all of the updates are accessible to the entire team. All of this is done in one place, connected to the cloud, and is set up so you can’t drop the important but small details.

6. It Stores and Shares Your Files & Photos

Good construction apps house all the photos and files for your project centrally. Your team and clients can check in at any time without needing to be sent another file or given access to a folder on a shared network.

7. It Automates Your Reporting

Pulling reports together eats up time. A lot of it. You shouldn’t have to jump from excel to your notebook to your email to a phone call just to gather up the data you knew you were going to need anyway. Let the app do the work for you with automated reporting features. All you will need to do is review, add your own comments, click send and move on.

Pro Tip: Start Out Small, Now

Everyone has good intentions of getting a better system in place, but it’s always “later”. Then a crisis hits and they’re scrambling. Look into adopting a system that works for you and your company now.

The best way to do this is to schedule a demo of the software, where you can get your questions answered one-on-one. This way you can determine if project management software is right for your company. Click here to schedule a demo time right now before moving on to your next task.

When you’re building a house, there are a lot of moving parts to fit together. What goes into creating the house of your client’s dream is much more complex than what meets the eye.

Whether it’s creating the original plan with your clients, aligning subcontractors, creating a schedule, or any other task, keeping you and your team organized and on track is a major piece of the homebuilding puzzle.

How efficient are you at managing your team? If you’re spending hours on your phone, sending various emails, and working within multiple platforms or simply writing different things down here and there, it may be time to explore a new option.

A construction project management software is the tool you need to streamline your day-to-day processes and spend less time at your desk and more time on the jobsite.

Wondering how a construction project management software can help you? Here are 3 advantages:

1. Consolidate Your Data in One Powerful Platform

Spending your time jotting changes down, entering numbers in spreadsheets, sending emails, and re-entering information in different platforms can eat up valuable hours of your day.

What if you could do all of these tasks in a single platform? How much time could you save?

Find out today with a construction project management software like BuildTools.

2. Access from Anywhere

Questions about a project can arise at any time, no matter where you are. When you need to give an answer, it won’t help if that answer is written down at your office.

BuildTools is cloud-based, so you can access the information you need anywhere, any time. Plus,  you’ll be able to review that project budget, look over plans, or upload project photos from the jobsite.

BuildTools is available on Google Play and the App Store.

3. Save Time and Money

Your time is valuable.

Construction project management apps help you maximize what you can accomplish with the hours you put in. Keep all of your projects at your fingertips, and make updates and changes wherever you are, with the touch of a button. Communicate seamlessly with anyone involved in your project.

Stop wasting time sifting through emails. Construction project management software streamlines your communication, so you can get in touch with anyone you need to, whenever you need to.  

When confusion about change orders comes up, your construction project management software has your back.

BuildTools makes approval or rejection simple and official with a digital signature. Don’t let handshake deals come back to haunt you. You can’t afford to flush money down the drain because your client has one understanding of a contract and you have another. Get approval instantaneously, and in writing with your app. Then, if you need to, you can look back through your records and show clients what was agreed upon.

You’ll save money on operations, too. By being more organized, you can keep your team on track, keeping a tight schedule and making sure your people are where they need to be when they need to be there.

Get the Support You Need

Switching over to a new process can be daunting, even if it’s the right move in the long term. But it doesn’t have to be.

Look for a software with reliable, easy-to-access customer support. Ask questions like, “Will there be someone there to answer my questions?”, “How do I go about asking a question?”, and “Do you provide training when I add new hires to my team?”.

BuildTools is a software company built by builders, for builders. We know that your hours are extremely valuable, and you’re on a tight schedule. So we designed BuildTools with your needs in mind.  Whether you choose to be completely hands-off in the implementation process or want to be involved every step of the way, our dedicated implementation team will ensure implementation goes as smoothly and quickly as possible so you can get up and running with BuildTools right away.

Start Today

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You’re a builder, not a reporter, but your team and clients still need to be kept in the loop. Creating progress reports can eat up your valuable time and energy if they’re being built from scratch.

Luckily, creating regular reports doesn’t have to bring productivity to a halt.

Industry leaders are using automated reports created within construction apps to put a system in place for regular reports, saving them time and energy. With these 6 functions, a home building app can save you crazy amounts of time.

1. Use Templates

You know that you’re going to need to create these reports regularly, but you don’t have to do the same work twice.

You can choose from existing templates that are built into app, or you can create a custom template to include exactly what you want to include. Then each time you need to create a new report, click on the reports icon and it will generate the report for you immediately. With consistent reporting like this, the reports you send out to your crew and clients can be easily processed and understood.

2. Insert Your Voice

While utilizing templates saves you crazy amounts of time, you will still need to be able to add in your own commentary in specific places to add insight or explanation. Project management apps let you easily add comments to any given section of weekly construction reports, adding your own voice to the raw data you’re presenting. In fact, you can literally add your own voice by using the voice-to-text feature, so you don’t have to try to type a novel on the go or when your hands are tied up in other tasks.

3. Include Photos and Videos

Sometimes a comment or description isn’t enough. Snap a photo or video, or grab one you took earlier, and attach it to your report. Not only do clients love being able to actually see the progress being made, but this can be incredibly helpful to communicate specifics to your crew as well. You can edit and add to the photo within the app to point out a specific detail, or circle the specific item or area you’re referring to in your report.

4. Attach Weather Reports

A few project management apps, like BuildTools, let you include weather information in your reports. This can give clarity to any holdups you may have had or anticipate having in the near future due to inclement weather, or it can serve as a touchpoint for your crew to have realistic expectations for the coming days on the job site.

5. Send Automatic Notifications

Once your report is ready to push out the door, you have to decide who is going to see it. This is easily done within the app, without needing to send out emails or send around paper copies of reports to the right people. Either keep it private, send it only to your crew, share with just the client, or just put it out there for the whole world to see. It’s up to you. Either way, the people you select will be notified as soon as the report is ready, and you can easily check in later to see who has or has not yet viewed the report.

6. Keep Everyone In The Same Place

There are no paper copies to deliver, no .doc or .xcl files to send around, no dropbox links to share access to, etc. Everyone can have access to the report right there within the same app, no need to download a document or request access to a link.

No More Doing The Same Work Twice

By cutting out repetitive work like this and replacing it with efficient processes, builders like you have been freed up to take on more projects without having to increase their headcount. Take a look at this case study to see how one company grew 5X with zero new hires just by utilizing construction project management software.

Historically speaking, the vast majority of the construction industry has been reluctant to adopt modern technology and methods to increase their building practices. As a result, builders could be sacrificing quality, speed, and profitability.

With BuildTools bid management, you will find tools to simplify your current bidding process while also promoting your subcontractor’s adoption to technology. You have the ability create, send, and review your entire bidding process all in one place. This allows builders to send all up to date documents including plans, selections, specifications, and any additional documents for their subs to reference. While subs have the ability to access BuildTools (free of charge), they are not required to login to review the bid content, or submit their offers. All bid notifications are be sent to subcontractors in an email format.

A centralized bidding process is the name of the game – and a great time saver. 

With a centralized bidding process, builders have less moving parts, creating more efficiency, and ultimately save time and effort. In the end, builders are looking for ways to save time – in this business time is money.

Some key highlights of BuildTools Bid Management Tool:

  • Subs don’t need to login
    • There is no need for them to change their behavior to make the system work for the builder
  • Keep all the info connected to the project vs. having replies in different people inboxes etc.
    • Reduces the back and forth with forwarding messages, CC’ing, etc.
  • Easy to take the info and place it into the budgets
    • Less chance for errors in moving the numbers around
  • Tracking the bids is easy
    • Know the current status and if the bid has been read at any point in time

Ready to simplify your bidding practices while taking a step towards modernizing your communication? Schedule a demo today. 

Communication is at the core of each and every one of your projects. But keeping your lines of communication from getting crossed can be a daunting task. Whether you’re keeping track of information from clients, or spearheading communication with your crew and subcontractors, there’s a lot to keep track of and keep organized so you can refer back to it when you need it.

Gain a Single System of Reference

Stop spending your time sifting through your inbox and combing through notes you’ve jotted down here and there on your computer, in your notebook, and on post-its.

By implementing a construction project management system, you’ll gain a central hub for all the communications you send and receive. They’re organized by project, so no more scouring your inbox for that one-off email that you just can’t find. Easily find short notes and long conversations alike, and keep important attachments easily accessible.

Do you need to train subs and clients on a new email system? No! BuildTools integrates with gmail and other email platform, so the people you email won’t have to do anything differently.

Streamline Project Notifications

When updates and change orders affect projects, you’re probably used to making changes in one system, and updating your team in another.

In BuildTools, you can collect and log project notifications in one convenient app – no more switching back and forth. The updates are at your fingertips.

Want to streamline updates for your team? With BuildTools, once the update is logged, it can seamlessly send a notification to update relevant parties of the change. Take the guesswork out of your projects, and give your crew and subcontractors the right information, right away. Say goodbye to extra emails, phone tag, and text message reminders.

Archive Your Information, Access It Any Time 

Once you’ve gotten the information you need out of your emails, you may let them sit in your inbox, organize them, or delete them. But what happens if you need to refer back to something you’ve deleted, or “organized” so you can no longer find it?

With BuildTools, messages and attachments are all archived and organized by project. Whether you need to double-check the details of an update or get warranty work done for your clients, don’t spend time digging through your inbox. Say goodbye to picking up the phone and playing phone tag to figure out things that an organized inbox could tell you in seconds. Simply log into the specific BuildTools project, select the element of the build you’d like to update, and send all the messages you need to, without leaving the app.

Staying organized saves you time, so projects get finished faster. Faster, easier workflows mean happier teams and clients, good news for your reputation, and more time to take on new business.

Don’t wait. Start growing your business today with BuildTools. Learn more in our Organized Communication = Profit eBook.

During any given build, a lot of files get passed between a lot of people. Whether you’re sending site plans to subcontractors, budgets to your staff, or change orders and progress photos to your clients, there are a lot of files to keep track of.

It’s imperative that these files get to the right people at the right time. But with so many moving parts, it’s easy for something to slip through the cracks.

You don’t have time for change orders that never got approved, or subcontractors that never got their revised schedules. Delays are costly, and do serious damage to your bottom line.

You need a communication system you can trust. One that’s easy to use, and has your back. One that lets you minimize your time in the office and maximize your time on the job site.

That’s why many builders are turning to construction project management software like BuildTools. Two main advantages? One home for all of your documents, and an easy way to keep everyone on the same page with updates.

Keep All of Your Documents in a Single Space

If you’re like most builders, you split your time between the office and the job site. Being on the go is great for staying up to date with what’s happening at the build. But it can make keeping track of your documents a nightmare.

By implementing a software like BuildTools, you’ll have all your documents at your fingertips, wherever you are. What types of documents are supported? Everything you need, including:

  • Change orders
  • Final bids
  • Pictures
  • Plans
  • Selections
  • Financial documents

Having all of these resources at your fingertips means you can quickly pull them up whenever, wherever you need them. No more going back to the office. No more digging through your desktop or paper files. Save valuable time, and keep track of everything by keeping it close by.

Never Lose a Piece of Paper Again

If you were a one-person show, keeping track of your documents would be difficult. But since your documents need to pass through a number of hands, keeping track of their movements can be close to impossible.

Your staff, subs, and clients need access to different documents at different times. From plans to change orders to financial documents, you need eyes and approval on a lot of things.

But you also need a way to find each document – and make sure it doesn’t get buried on a desk or in a truck.

It’s not that you don’t try to keep track of things – you do, and most of the time, you get it right. But when things inevitably fall through the cracks, time and money you need goes down the drain. If you’re relying on your trusted notepad and pen, you may feel like you have everything in control. But there’s no way to easily share your data with your team. And even if you’re using a more high-tech system, spreading information across different platforms creates its own maze.

With BuildTools, there’s no hassle. Access any document, any time – and give others instantaneous access with the click of a button. Keep everyone in the loop, in real time as changes happen. Stop wasting time updating your files, or calling your team members one by one with changes. Since BuildTools supports text message updates, your subs can get easy updates on their assignments from their phones, without ever leaving the job site. (Wondering how to introduce your crew to new tech? Check out this step-by-step guide.)

If questions come up, there’s one copy of the document to refer to – no competing copies in different hands, and no “he said, she said.”

Worried about losing archives about why changes were made? Don’t be. BuildTools automatically archives changes. Pull up records of change authors, dates, and reasons any time. You’ll sleep easier knowing that your clients are getting exactly what they want.

Get Back to Doing What You Love

You don’t like paperwork, and neither do we. That’s why we’ve developed an easy way to keep your documents available, up-to-date, and shareable from the palm of your hand. You’ll spend less time shuffling papers and making calls, and more time on the ground, doing the job you love.

Ready to spend less time shuffling papers and more time on the job site? Schedule a BuildTools demo today, and get back to doing what you love.