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This 4th generation family business continues to thrive in the Minneapolis market and credits their success, in part, to BuildTools! One of our early adopters, and a part of BuildTools select group of Beta testers, Stonewood worked with the BuildTools development staff to refine features, give feedback on process flow, and has been instrumental testing.

Stonewood’s clients “love the 24/7 access to project information, real time budget and change order status, and the weekly project reports.” ”Aside from our bookkeeper, BuildTools is the only piece of software our employees use to do their job,” says Sven Gustafson, owner of Stonewood. ”We looked at several project management packages, and even implemented 2 competitors’ systems. NOTHING comes close to the features and usability of BuildTools online construction software. With another system, I had employees threaten to quit if they were required to continue to use the product. With BuildTools, even apprehensive new employees quickly see it as an asset and a means to more easily get their job done.”

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