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If you own a home building or remodeling business, you know that keeping your financials in order can be a daunting task. Products like QuickBooks make it easier to understand and manage your business’s financial standing. 

But more often than not, adding a financial management tool to your project management also means that you add countless hours doing double entry across platforms that don’t integrate.

Working with a financial tool like QuickBooks doesn’t have to mean more work for your business.

The solution? A construction management software that integrates with your financial software. With the right construction management software, you’ll eliminate double entry, save time, and prevent costly errors. You’ll also be able to constantly see and understand where your finances are being allocated, and make smart financial decisions to maximize your efficiency and profit.

The Importance of Easy Set-Up

You know from experience that the promise of “the right software” isn’t enough. If it’s difficult to set up your new construction management software, that’s time, money, and productivity down the drain. You need a construction management software that comes with easy setup, including integration with other key software like QuickBooks. Since QuickBooks is an advanced, robust platform, no complicated integration should be necessary – the integration will easily sync your data, and you’ll be ready to go. The right software will automatically import all of your project, cost-code, and subcontractor data from QuickBooks, so it will be ready to go right away.

Increased Efficiency

Consolidating your information into one easy system means that your team won’t get bogged down in double entry any longer. Whether that team is small or large, they’ll be able to input data into one dedicated, fully supported construction management software, where it will automatically synchronize with QuickBooks. You’ll save time and dramatically decrease your chance for error, which means you can say goodbye to digging back through paperwork and files to find the financial discrepancy for a project.

What elements do you need to be able to integrate with your construction management platform? For starters, look for a platform that allows you to integrate your financials with these three elements:

  • Purchase orders
  • Payment requests
  • Project invoices

Integrating your financials with these three elements allows you to quickly create forms, pull information, and get change orders signed without ever leaving your construction management app. With this integration, gone are the days of opening multiple programs and files to accomplish a single task.

The Bottom Line

Between keeping projects on track, working with subcontractors, and communicating with clients, life as a builder can be extremely busy. To maintain profitable growth, a construction project management software is often the tool you need. With the right tool, you’ll be able to simplify your processes and keep your team, subcontractors, and clients on the same page.

BuildTools construction project management software was built by builders who understand your needs and have found the most effective way to streamline your day.

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