Why Your Paper System is Holding Back Your Business

During any given build, a lot of files get passed between a lot of people. Whether you’re sending site plans to subcontractors, budgets to your staff, or change orders and progress photos to your clients, there are a lot of files to keep track of.

It’s imperative that these files get to the right people at the right time. But with so many moving parts, it’s easy for something to slip through the cracks.

You don’t have time for change orders that never got approved, or subcontractors that never got their revised schedules. Delays are costly, and do serious damage to your bottom line.

You need a communication system you can trust. One that’s easy to use, and has your back. One that lets you minimize your time in the office and maximize your time on the job site.

That’s why many builders are turning to construction project management software like BuildTools. Two main advantages? One home for all of your documents, and an easy way to keep everyone on the same page with updates.

Keep All of Your Documents in a Single Space

If you’re like most builders, you split your time between the office and the job site. Being on the go is great for staying up to date with what’s happening at the build. But it can make keeping track of your documents a nightmare.

By implementing a software like BuildTools, you’ll have all your documents at your fingertips, wherever you are. What types of documents are supported? Everything you need, including:

  • Change orders
  • Final bids
  • Pictures
  • Plans
  • Selections
  • Financial documents

Having all of these resources at your fingertips means you can quickly pull them up whenever, wherever you need them. No more going back to the office. No more digging through your desktop or paper files. Save valuable time, and keep track of everything by keeping it close by.

Never Lose a Piece of Paper Again

If you were a one-person show, keeping track of your documents would be difficult. But since your documents need to pass through a number of hands, keeping track of their movements can be close to impossible.

Your staff, subs, and clients need access to different documents at different times. From plans to change orders to financial documents, you need eyes and approval on a lot of things.

But you also need a way to find each document – and make sure it doesn’t get buried on a desk or in a truck.

It’s not that you don’t try to keep track of things – you do, and most of the time, you get it right. But when things inevitably fall through the cracks, time and money you need goes down the drain. If you’re relying on your trusted notepad and pen, you may feel like you have everything in control. But there’s no way to easily share your data with your team. And even if you’re using a more high-tech system, spreading information across different platforms creates its own maze.

With BuildTools, there’s no hassle. Access any document, any time – and give others instantaneous access with the click of a button. Keep everyone in the loop, in real time as changes happen. Stop wasting time updating your files, or calling your team members one by one with changes. Since BuildTools supports text message updates, your subs can get easy updates on their assignments from their phones, without ever leaving the job site. (Wondering how to introduce your crew to new tech? Check out this step-by-step guide.)

If questions come up, there’s one copy of the document to refer to – no competing copies in different hands, and no “he said, she said.”

Worried about losing archives about why changes were made? Don’t be. BuildTools automatically archives changes. Pull up records of change authors, dates, and reasons any time. You’ll sleep easier knowing that your clients are getting exactly what they want.

Get Back to Doing What You Love

You don’t like paperwork, and neither do we. That’s why we’ve developed an easy way to keep your documents available, up-to-date, and shareable from the palm of your hand. You’ll spend less time shuffling papers and making calls, and more time on the ground, doing the job you love.

Ready to spend less time shuffling papers and more time on the job site? Schedule a BuildTools demo today, and get back to doing what you love.