Stop Reinventing the Wheel

Drop the pen and paper and leverage technology for the documents involved in your jobs. It’ll save you time and money. (And probably a few headaches!)


Cutting costs and saving time are huge for all builders and that isn’t going to change anytime soon. Some people are innovating and bringing new ways of solving the problems that builders face, but there are plenty of old and/or current tricks that will still work well and can help keep your business running smoothly.


Technology is Your Friend, Use it!

Leveraging current technology can save a significant amount of time when starting a new project. Utilizing templates is a prime example of this, there are ways to use schedule and budget templates to save yourself the time of creating these items from scratch every time you start a new project. Don’t waste time drafting up a new document every time you start a new project, utilize your resources and start leveraging templates!

Stop doing the same work twice and save and save yourself time upfront so that you and your subcontractors can focus on what you enjoy doing most: building. By using technology you can work from already established documents that are readily available and easily accessible. These documents can range from your bids to proposals and change orders to purchase orders.

Choose What Works, Not Just the Latest Tool

Do more with less. You don’t need every fancy bell and whistle to execute on a new project. There is a rhythm that gets established when teams work on projects and tapping into that is just as, if not more, important than having every “new” tool at your disposal. But you should be using tools that allow you to start new projects with ease and efficiency. If you are starting from scratch with documents and files that you rely on for every job then maybe it’s time to reevaluate. Going forward: if you know you’re going to use a document/process more than once then you should make it a priority to automate that asset by making it a template to be used again and again.

This sort of resourcefulness will allow you to land jobs faster, start those jobs faster, saving you time and money in the long run.



BuildTools provides a framework that enables builders and remodelers to accomplish all of the above using templates and tools that actually work!

Using a system that tracks all of your documents in one place and gives you the freedom to launch new projects with the click of a button is what BuildTools offers. Our tools are tired and true and they get you doing what you love most: building!