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You’re a builder, not a reporter, but your team and clients still need to be kept in the loop. Creating progress reports can eat up your valuable time and energy if they’re being built from scratch.

Luckily, creating regular reports doesn’t have to bring productivity to a halt.

Industry leaders are using automated reports created within construction apps to put a system in place for regular reports, saving them time and energy. With these 6 functions, a home building app can save you crazy amounts of time.

1. Use Templates

You know that you’re going to need to create these reports regularly, but you don’t have to do the same work twice.

You can choose from existing templates that are built into app, or you can create a custom template to include exactly what you want to include. Then each time you need to create a new report, click on the reports icon and it will generate the report for you immediately. With consistent reporting like this, the reports you send out to your crew and clients can be easily processed and understood.

2. Insert Your Voice

While utilizing templates saves you crazy amounts of time, you will still need to be able to add in your own commentary in specific places to add insight or explanation. Project management apps let you easily add comments to any given section of weekly construction reports, adding your own voice to the raw data you’re presenting. In fact, you can literally add your own voice by using the voice-to-text feature, so you don’t have to try to type a novel on the go or when your hands are tied up in other tasks.

3. Include Photos and Videos

Sometimes a comment or description isn’t enough. Snap a photo or video, or grab one you took earlier, and attach it to your report. Not only do clients love being able to actually see the progress being made, but this can be incredibly helpful to communicate specifics to your crew as well. You can edit and add to the photo within the app to point out a specific detail, or circle the specific item or area you’re referring to in your report.

4. Attach Weather Reports

A few project management apps, like BuildTools, let you include weather information in your reports. This can give clarity to any holdups you may have had or anticipate having in the near future due to inclement weather, or it can serve as a touchpoint for your crew to have realistic expectations for the coming days on the job site.

5. Send Automatic Notifications

Once your report is ready to push out the door, you have to decide who is going to see it. This is easily done within the app, without needing to send out emails or send around paper copies of reports to the right people. Either keep it private, send it only to your crew, share with just the client, or just put it out there for the whole world to see. It’s up to you. Either way, the people you select will be notified as soon as the report is ready, and you can easily check in later to see who has or has not yet viewed the report.

6. Keep Everyone In The Same Place

There are no paper copies to deliver, no .doc or .xcl files to send around, no dropbox links to share access to, etc. Everyone can have access to the report right there within the same app, no need to download a document or request access to a link.

No More Doing The Same Work Twice

By cutting out repetitive work like this and replacing it with efficient processes, builders like you have been freed up to take on more projects without having to increase their headcount. Take a look at this case study to see how one company grew 5X with zero new hires just by utilizing construction project management software.