Pro-Tip #12: Managing Finances

Budgets, the task that keeps you at your desk much longer than you’d like to be there.

Do you find yourself manually making sure your purchase orders match up with your invoices? Or are you spending time checking to see if your change orders are all accounted for on each project? These are tasks that may not be the most fun, but they’re what insures your business is seeing each penny it has accounted for.

Even after you’ve checked these numbers, you’re most likely spending time double, and possibly triple checking for errors that lie within your accounting.

Increase Profitability while Eliminating Human Error

By implementing BuildTools, your budgets and accounting will be completely aligned in a single hub. By simplifying this process, you’re budgets will automatically update to reflect any purchase orders, change orders, or payments for each project.

By having this information at the tips of your fingers wherever you are, you and your team have access to necessary budget information whenever they need it.

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