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How Builders Are Planning Their Return to Work

Technology presents a unique opportunity for custom home builders, remodelers, and contractors returning to work during COVID-19. Find out how industry-specific remote collaboration tools like construction project management software can help you get projects moving again while keeping your crew, subcontractors, and clients safe.
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5 Ways Technology Helps Builders Adapt and Navigate COVID-19

Custom projects involve a lot of people and moving parts, and a job site can be a high-traffic area with project managers, subcontractors, and clients coming and going on a regular basis. Here are five ways technology can help you keep projects moving and keep your team safe during COVID-19.
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BuildTools feature of the week: Bid Management Tool

Historically speaking, the vast majority of the construction industry has been reluctant to adopt modern technology and methods to increase their building practices. As a result, builders could be sacrificing quality, speed, and profitability. With BuildTools bid management, you will find tools to simplify your current bidding process while also promoting your subcontractor’s adoption to technology
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3 Key Ways to Keep Clients Happy

As a home builder, you know what goes into good construction. But what goes into building a good workday for you? Efficient, effective client communication. You need happy clients – a good reputation is fertile ground for new business growth. Here are three key communication steps that successful builders take.
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5 Steps To Safeguard Yourself In Client Communication

How many times have you had this conversation with a client: “But we talked about wanting to _____ . I expected it was included!” or “That’s the not the right color! We told the designer we wanted to change it to ____ months ago!”.
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How to Avoid Surprises on Site

Avoid surprises on the job site. Learn how a central database and central point of communication can help reduce the likelihood of missing deadlines and improve scheduling.
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A New Look for BuildTools

In the next couple of weeks, you’ll see visuals around BuildTools changing. Why? You may have heard that BuildTools recently joined the Residential Home Construction Group at ECI Software Solutions.
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How Builders are Handling Business and Communications During Unprecedented Times

While every state has different orders surrounding the coronavirus pandemic – some states deeming construction an essential business, while not in others – builders across the nation are forced to figure out how to work in these unprecedented times.