How Builders Are Planning Their Return to Work

Technology presents a unique opportunity for custom home builders, remodelers, and contractors returning to work during COVID-19. Find out how industry-specific remote collaboration tools like construction project management software can help you get projects moving again while keeping your crew, subcontractors, and clients safe.

5 Ways Technology Helps Builders Adapt and Navigate COVID-19

Custom projects involve a lot of people and moving parts, and a job site can be a high-traffic area with project managers, subcontractors, and clients coming and going on a regular basis. Here are five ways technology can help you keep projects moving and keep your team safe during COVID-19.
Tasks Made Easier with Construction Software

8 Daily Tasks Made Easier With Homebuilding Software

Home builders who use project management software deal with the same daily tasks and challenges as those who don’t, they just do it faster and more efficiently. Here are 8 daily tasks that are made easier with home building software.
Messages in BuildTools

Never Miss a Message with BuildTools

Communication is at the core of every one of your projects. But keeping your lines of communication from getting crossed can be a daunting task. Stop spending your time sifting through your inbox and combing through notes you’ve jotted down here and there on your computer, in your notebook, and on post-its.
Change Orders on the Fly

6 Tips for Managing Change Orders On The Fly

They’re inevitable: change orders are going to happen. But what’s not inevitable is the headache that follows. Set yourself up to save time and money, and boost your reputation as the builder who is easy to work with. Here are six pro-tips from experts in the industry who have been managing change orders for decades.

5 Steps To Safeguard Yourself In Client Communication

How many times have you had this conversation with a client: “But we talked about wanting to _____ . I expected it was included!” or “That’s the not the right color! We told the designer we wanted to change it to ____ months ago!”.
5 Common Excuses for Not Implementing Construction Software

5 Common Excuses for Not Implementing Construction Software

So, you know you need a construction project management software. That’s different, though, than biting the bullet and actually implementing one. What’s holding you back? Do any of these 5 excuses sound familiar?
Bidding on your time

Bidding on Your Time

If you’re in the middle of the bidding process, you know that it may be a while before you can actually break ground on your project. Lining up subcontractors is extremely time-consuming. Learn three ways construction management software can streamline the bidding process.