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How Builders Are Planning Their Return to Work

Technology presents a unique opportunity for custom home builders, remodelers, and contractors returning to work during COVID-19. Find out how industry-specific remote collaboration tools like construction project management software can help you get projects moving again while keeping your crew, subcontractors, and clients safe.
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5 Ways Technology Helps Builders Adapt and Navigate COVID-19

Custom projects involve a lot of people and moving parts, and a job site can be a high-traffic area with project managers, subcontractors, and clients coming and going on a regular basis. Here are five ways technology can help you keep projects moving and keep your team safe during COVID-19.
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Your Construction Management Software Needs to Integrate with QuickBooks. Here’s Why.

A construction management software that integrates with your financial software. With the right construction management software, you’ll eliminate double entry, save time, and prevent costly errors. You’ll also be able to constantly see and understand where your finances are being allocated, and make smart financial decisions to maximize your efficiency and profit.
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5 Ways To Improve Your Reputation as a Builder

A good reputation is fertile ground for new business and growth. If your company leaves a wake of overjoyed customers in its path, word will get around that you are the right builder for the job. Here are the top 5 pro-tips for managing your reputation as a builder.
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Progress Reports: 6 Reasons To Use An App

Creating regular reports doesn’t have to bring productivity to a halt. Industry leaders are using automated reports created within construction apps to put a system in place for regular reports, saving them time and energy. With these 6 functions, a home building app can save you crazy amounts of time.
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Know and Control Your Construction Environment

Maintaining a consistent environment during construction is equally important. Here are some of the best practices that our builders have been using to build the best possible homes in their markets
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Getting Started with BuildTools

When you purchase BuildTools, implementation is a simple, streamlined process. A dedicated implementation specialist will walk you through the steps to set up all of your projects, email, and budgets. That way, you can stay focused on building the best possible homes for your clients.
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Your Notebook is the Reason Your Project is Behind Schedule

In an increasingly organized industry, your notebook may just be the thing that’s holding your company back while other teams are improving their communication and efficiency. With the advent of smartphones, tablets and the cloud, if you’re still organizing everything in a notebook or binder, you’re holding yourself back.