contractor framing house

As a home builder, you’re used to change orders. When the goal is to give your clients the home of their dreams, changes are going to spring up throughout the process – it’s human nature to change one’s mind. That being said, it’s still a challenge to properly execute changes on the fly. To ensure client satisfaction, direct your subcontractors in a timely manner, and to make sure you are paid for the extra work, change orders need to be properly documented and organized.

Execute Change Orders With Confidence

Today, many change orders still take place through a phone call or a handshake. That can be risky business when it comes execution and payment. Rather than relying on what was said about a project, cloud-based construction management apps allow you to document each step, including:

  • gaining client approval online
  • tracking additional costs up front
  • updating timelines and communicating with subcontractors

Along with keeping your clients, subcontractors, and team on the same page with change orders, construction software can also save you time. What would have taken you multiple hours in traditional paperwork can be executed from any device on the go. 

Streamline the Change Order Process

Project management software with change order functionality built in eliminates the need for double entry of information into multiple systems. Not only does this save you time and streamline the process, it also helps to eliminate discrepancies between everyone involved in the project regarding schedules and costs.

By keeping your change orders organized and in one central location, you’ll be able to disperse the right information to the right people at the right time, ensuring your project stays on schedule. This all works together to give your clients the house of their dreams while maximizing your profit and minimizing confusion.

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