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When you’re building a home, the list of options your client is considering can get overwhelming. Whether they’re choosing flooring, trim, or the perfect toilet and sink, these selections are important to them, but they also mean a lot of work for you.

Giving your clients a place to digitally view their options is a great way to help clients envision their new home. But with so many platforms available today, how do you know which platform is worth investing in? Look for these three features.

1. Easy Interface

With so many different options available today, your platform needs to skillfully manage and organize selections so they’re accessible to the client, designer, and construction team. We recommend a user friendly interface so your clients can easily compare the looks of different options.

2. Single Platform and Point of Contact

The interface you choose should allow your client to approve and reject selections online. Your clients will be able to choose exactly what they want, and everyone will be kept up to date in one platform. No more waiting around to hear back about approval. Your team will receive updates in real-time, so they can get started on their work right away.

You need to be working within a single platform dedicated to your industry. This will help you get your selections approved in a timely manner and keep track of changes effortlessly. By keeping all project selections organized online where they’re available and updated at all times, you’ll eliminate the need for paperwork and duplication on multiple platforms.

The bottom line? Interfaces without this capability can cause delays in the building process, push back your completion date, leave room for error, and cost you money.

3. Easy Change Orders

During your build, changes are going to arise, which means selections have the potential to change. With a software that has integrated selections and change orders, you’ll be able to simply require a change order to be approved when a new selection is made.

The best part? The selection and change order can be approved online. No more paperwork or waiting on your client. This allows you to spend less time following up and more time tackling tasks at the top of your to-do list.

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