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Digital Trends in Homebuilding

Virtual Realty in Construction

Photo: Samuel Zeller @samuelzeller

The 13 Top Digital Trends for Builders

Professional Builder online recently published an article on digital trends in homebuilding.  A couple of our favorites illuminate some of the power of BuildTools

“Millennials shake up the buying process and demand a better experience. In a previous article I explained how Millennials are fast becoming a catalyst for change in the home building industry. As they become buyers, they won’t settle for the status quo when it comes to the sales experience. As a digital generation with unlimited information in their pocket, they expect a different customer experience. The result: Builders will be forced to reexamine the current home buying experience, which has remained relatively unchanged for many years.”

BuildTools lifts the hood on the homebuilding process and allows customers to get more involved behind the scenes.  Builders can decide how much information they want to share with their customers based on their business model.  Customers can get to information 24/7 and feel they are more a part of the building process

“Virtual reality and augmented reality are no longer novelties. If there’s one digital trend for home builders that seems to be the hottest, this is it. Google Cardboard and Google’s Pixel phone have brought virtual reality to the masses. Companies like Builders Digital Experience (BDX) have made it accessible and practical for most builders. Studies show buyers are willing to strap on a pair of goggles to enhance their experience both at home, and at in a sales center.”

BuildTools 360 photo management module allows builders to capture their homes in 360 degrees throughout the process and provides a simple interface for customers and trades to review these photos.

Read Professional Builder’s full article here:  The 13 Top Digital Trends for Builders ,  

Credit, Jimmy Diffee