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Historically speaking, the vast majority of the construction industry has been reluctant to adopt modern technology and methods to increase their building practices. As a result, builders could be sacrificing quality, speed, and profitability.

With BuildTools bid management, you will find tools to simplify your current bidding process while also promoting your subcontractor’s adoption to technology. You have the ability create, send, and review your entire bidding process all in one place. This allows builders to send all up to date documents including plans, selections, specifications, and any additional documents for their subs to reference. While subs have the ability to access BuildTools (free of charge), they are not required to login to review the bid content, or submit their offers. All bid notifications are be sent to subcontractors in an email format.

A centralized bidding process is the name of the game – and a great time saver. 

With a centralized bidding process, builders have less moving parts, creating more efficiency, and ultimately save time and effort. In the end, builders are looking for ways to save time – in this business time is money.

Some key highlights of BuildTools Bid Management Tool:

  • Subs don’t need to login
    • There is no need for them to change their behavior to make the system work for the builder
  • Keep all the info connected to the project vs. having replies in different people inboxes etc.
    • Reduces the back and forth with forwarding messages, CC’ing, etc.
  • Easy to take the info and place it into the budgets
    • Less chance for errors in moving the numbers around
  • Tracking the bids is easy
    • Know the current status and if the bid has been read at any point in time

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