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Builders that use data as a tool make better decisions, achieve higher margins

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past couple of years, you’ve undoubtedly heard terms like analytics, big data, metrics, etc…   All are keywords that surround businesses that are using their data to drive their decisions, increase their close rates and raise their margins.

Professional Builder magazine recently published a piece that takes a deep dive into how builders are using their data, summarizing it – It’s time to say goodbye to the seat-of-your-pants approach to business management.

BuildTools gives you the tools to collect, then analyze your data to enable you to make better decisions.  Our project dashboard gives you a quick view of adherence to the baseline schedule, cost over/ under runs, overdue decisions, and more.

They break it down and provide insight into how to improve trade relations, improve cycle time, construction quality, customer satisfaction, cost controls, and more.  It’s well worth a read .

Data-Driven Builders Leave the Guesswork Behind