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More and more professional builders are moving away from traditional means of tracking jobsite information, instead making the switch to cloud technology to manage their projects.

But new tech can be daunting. Thousands of builders (like you) are trying to decide whether they should make the leap to construction apps and project management software.

This should help.

Here’s an overview on the various features of construction project management software that make it the best option for professional builders, and why it makes sense to make the switch now rather than later.

1. It Keeps Your Clients Happy

A well-designed construction app gives your client enough access to keep them happy and well-informed and prevent the need for frequent meetings. Your clients get their own login credentials to browse updated data (only the data that you’ve chosen to give them access to) and project photos at any time. You can keep on making progress while they check in on their own time.

2. It Centralizes Everything

No, really, everything. Schedules, QuickBooks, bids, client communication, contractor communication, team memos, etc. If you’re tracking this all in different information silos (email, excel, notebook, the back of a napkin, your brain) just think of how much of your mental energy each day is spent keeping it all straight, or exporting data and emailing it, or sharing links or access to files. Project management software removes chaos from the equation so you can access and add information quickly.

3. It Keeps You Off The Phone

The project management app wasn’t designed simply as an organizer; it’s a communication hub as well. With the vast amount of information flying around from managers to crew members to subcontractors to clients every single day, it’s far too common to watch half your day slip away on the phone. When your whole team is working with the same app, however, the communication process is automated so the right guys get the right notifications and updated task lists in real time.

4. It Holds Your Crew & Contractors Accountable

Task lists can be synchronized with the project schedule and developed into templates, creating a recipe for success for each project. Once a task is assigned, you can glance at your phone to check progress rather than waiting for a reply from your guys. You can even automate reminders to keep the task front-of-mind until it’s completed.

5. It Connects Quickbooks, Your Calendar, and Everything Else

Technology takes a lot of human error out of the equation by keeping your systems connected. When you input a change order, for instance, part of the process within the app is to note the necessary adjustments to budget and schedule, and to send notifications to everyone effected. Once you save the change order, all of the updates are accessible to the entire team. All of this is done in one place, connected to the cloud, and is set up so you can’t drop the important but small details.

6. It Stores and Shares Your Files & Photos

Good construction apps house all the photos and files for your project centrally. Your team and clients can check in at any time without needing to be sent another file or given access to a folder on a shared network.

7. It Automates Your Reporting

Pulling reports together eats up time. A lot of it. You shouldn’t have to jump from excel to your notebook to your email to a phone call just to gather up the data you knew you were going to need anyway. Let the app do the work for you with automated reporting features. All you will need to do is review, add your own comments, click send and move on.

Pro Tip: Start Out Small, Now

Everyone has good intentions of getting a better system in place, but it’s always “later”. Then a crisis hits and they’re scrambling. Look into adopting a system that works for you and your company now.

The best way to do this is to schedule a demo of the software, where you can get your questions answered one-on-one. This way you can determine if project management software is right for your company. Click here to schedule a demo time right now before moving on to your next task.