builder speaking with homeowners

As a home builder, you know what goes into good construction.

But what goes into building a good workday for you?

One key part of the process? Efficient, effective client communication.

You need happy clients – a good reputation is fertile ground for new business growth. If your company leaves a wake of overjoyed customers in its path, word will get around that you are the right builder for the job.

And you also need work-life balance, and a day that isn’t spent in the office when your time would be better spent on the job site.

Is it possible to keep clients happy efficiently? While there’s no magic fix, here are three key communication steps that successful builders take.

1. Get Proactive on Client Communication 

You want to keep your clients happy. But if you’re anything like us, you know that client communication can quickly spiral out of control with one-off emails and phone calls.

Our advice? Establish a regular cadence for communication. We like weekly status updates, because clients know when to expect them, and they address most of the questions clients will reach out to you with. How much progress was made on the build this week? Is that wall sheetrocked? How does the master bathroom look? Include all these details in your weekly progress report.

What’s better than a weekly progress report? Real time updates. With a construction project management app, you can give your clients immediate access to changes and progress – as it’s made. You control what the client has access to, so you can keep them in the loop without compromising your security.

2. Surprise and Delight Clients

Happy clients are invaluable for your reputation as a builder. Wondering how to leave clients with a smile?

Surprising and delighting your clients includes things both big and small.

It can be as simple as giving your clients access to photos for selections. Let your clients visualize what their selections look like in a Pinterest-style photo board.

And it can be as big as a flawlessly-executed site visit that leaves your client feeling satisfied with the progress of the build and excited to share your great work with their network. (Need help prepping for homeowner site visits? Check out our guide to success before, during, and after your client gets on-site.)

3. Stay Ahead of the Curve on Change Orders

Change orders. Not a four letter word. They’re inevitable – and more importantly, if they’re well executed, they can be a great way to increase client satisfaction and your profit margins.

One of the best ways to streamline your change order process? Digital change orders. Now, clients can approve change orders instantly, from anywhere. Plus, when change orders are approved, selections are automatically updated in your construction project management software, which means less double entry and more accuracy for you.

What’s the Missing Link in Your Change Order Process?

As a homebuilder, you’re used to change orders. That being said, it’s still a challenge to execute them on the fly.

Cross off the 7 key elements on our change order checklist to keep your clients and your bank account happy.