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As a professional home builder, you’re busy working with your team to build your clients the homes of their dreams. Implementing a construction project management software lets you keep all of you projects in one central hub, while helping you communicate quickly and efficiently with your own staff, sub-contractors, and clients to keep your project moving forward on schedule and on budget.

When comparing software platforms, it’s important to take the following back-end processes into consideration:

Streamlined Implementation Process

Ask questions like, “How long does it take to fully implement this software?” or “Are there people dedicated to helping me with implementation?”. Answering these questions will help you choose the software that is best for your business.

Reliable Customer Support

Look for a software with reliable, easy-to-access customer support. Ask questions like, “Will there be someone there to answer my questions?”, “How do I go about asking a question?”, and “Do you provide trainings when I add new hires to my team?”.

Understanding the implementation process and support model are important parts of choosing the right platform for your business. As with any change in process for your business, it’s essential that help is nearby if you need it.

As a software company built by builders, we understand that your hours are extremely valuable and you’re on a tight schedule. We designed BuildTools with your needs in mind. That’s why we offer exceptional software, a streamlined implementation process, and the reliable support you need to grow your business. Understanding the needs of today’s builder is what drove us to our implementation process and support model. Whether you choose to be completely hands-off in the implementation process or want to be involved every step of the way, our dedicated implementation team will ensure implementation goes as smoothly and quickly as possible so you can get up and running with BuildTools right away.

You’re focused on delivering high-quality homes for your clients. We’re dedicated to helping you reach that goal using best-in-class construction management software. Our support team is available for you every day to help you and your team maximize your use of BuildTools. Whether it’s a quick call or email or you’re ready to schedule a training call, we’re always ready to provide the necessary training to your team.

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