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Built by builders.
Builders like you.

Our Story

We started as a home builder, just like you. Our software was born out of a need to better organize and run the building process for our own construction companies. We previously tried other construction management tools, and this made us excited about how quickly our home building company could grow with a suite of integrated online tools.

Almost as quickly as we became knowledgeable with these tools we became equally as frustrated. Let us explain. While the other offerings on the market are pretty good at managing client communication, they lacked necessary back office tools and workflows to take our business to the next level. Not to mention our subcontractors and internal employees felt it was more work to use a handful of different pieces of software. We could easily see that these tools were built from a software engineering perspective, or by someone who’d only been on the client side of building a home. It was clear they had never effectively managed a budget, scheduled subcontractors, issued purchase orders or dealt with the other instrumental items that go on behind the scenes. As you know, there’s a lot!

So, what did we do? We created the only tool your team needs to complete their job(s), while simultaneously delivering a best in class client experience. BuildTools is the only platform on the market that was built by builders, for builders. We’ve stood in your shoes and understand your daily challenges. For the first time, builders have a fully integrated set of tools that work the way you work. We are excited to help your business unlock new levels of success!


Our Mission

Enhance the home building process by organizing the communication between internal employees, subcontractors, and the client.

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